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market falls what should investors do

Markets are Falling – What to do with My Investments?

by Devyani Mishra • March 9, 2020

Given the recent market crash, concerns regarding the future of your investments are valid. Should you take some action? Or keep your portfolio undisturbed? What if something else happens and the investments that you have made specifically get affected? Millions of questions, right? While I don’t guarantee you any answers, I do assure you that by […]


What is the Difference Between NFO And IPO

by Richa Sharma • November 1, 2019

From time to time companies need funds to operate and expand their business. As a result, they turn to public investors to source these funds. Now there are two ways a company can do this; by means of an IPO and an NFO. For a shorter answer, the difference between an IPO and NFO is […]

Utilise diwali bonus

4 Smart Ways To Effectively Utilise Your Diwali Bonus

by Karunesh Dev • October 25, 2019

It is that time of the year again – the festival season is here bringing along the much-awaited and well deserved Diwali Bonus. While some of you may be aware of the bonus amount you are entitled to and hence can plan how to utilize it in advance, for most others, the amount is unknown […]

Rule of 72 doubling your money

How The Rule Of 72 Can Help You Double Your Money

by Devyani Mishra • October 24, 2019

Seeing their money double is the dream of every investor and if that dream is realized in a short span, it is cherry on the cake. But more often than not, the immediate effect of fantasizing about doubling their money is a barrage of questions that plagues the investor. Starting from; how do I double […]

Mutual funds

Difference Between Stocks and Mutual Funds

by Adity Bera • October 16, 2019

One of the habitually asked questions by an investor while making an investment is the difference between investing in stock and mutual funds. Both mutual funds and stocks are beneficial in their own way and it entirely depends on the investor to what type of gains he is looking forward to and what amount of […]

mutual funds vs ppf: the better investment instrument

Mutual Funds Vs PPF: Which Is the Better Investment Instrument?

by Sandhya Krishnan • October 2, 2019

“Investors should always keep in mind that the most important metric is not the returns achieved but the returns weighed against the risks incurred. Ultimately, nothing should be more important to investors than the ability to sleep soundly at night”- Seth Klarman Nowadays, investors have a plethora of investment options to choose from, which can […]

What is market timing and why it won’t work?

by Sneha R • September 19, 2019

Standing in 2019, if an individual decides to look back and ponder upon their investments decisions, would they be able to identify where they went wrong? Would they like to go back and undo a few of them that had cost them because they just couldn’t get the ‘market timing’ right! Before one accredits any […]

difference between fpi and fdi

What Is The Difference Between FPI And FDI?

by Richa Sharma • August 23, 2019

Every country requires capital for its economic growth, and the funds cannot be raised from its domestic sources alone. Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are the two essential and well-sought type of foreign capital by the countries, especially by the developing world. Post Union Budget FY 2019-20, most of you surely would […]

Which is Better SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Or Recurring Deposit

by Richa Sharma • June 14, 2019

Setting aside a fixed amount of money every month specifically for savings or investment is the best way to create wealth in the long run without much effort. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in Mutual Funds and Recurring Deposits (RD) in banks are the two most popular ways in India which serve this purpose of long-term […]


The Story of Abigail P. Johnson: One of The Richest Female Investors in the World

by Ishan Bansal • June 12, 2019

The world of investing has seen many stalwarts, but some of the most common names that pop up in our mind is Mr. Warren Buffett, Mr. George Soros, Mr. Michael Bloomberg, etc. But have you ever heard of a female investor making a name in this vast and exciting world of investing? No, right? Because […]

bull phase or bear phase: when should you start an SIP?

Bull Phase or Bear Phase: When Should You Start an SIP?

by Subham Sharma • April 1, 2019

The recent rally in the last few weeks in the market has been welcomed by the investors. This has been so because the rally was in the backdrop wherein the markets were despondent and investors were at tenterhooks. Many macro factors were against India lately. But the scenario has changed to the better with factors […]

4 Investment Avenues Where Returns Don’t Matter

by Sandhya Krishnan • March 25, 2019

“Know what you own and know why you own it.” – Peter Lynch Financial experts often reiterate the importance of a balanced investment portfolio and the risk-return trade-off. However, there are some investment decisions, when returns don’t matter. Every decision cannot be viewed purely from the financial ROI angle. Life throws up several challenges, financial […]

Financial Capital vs Human Capital

Financial Capital Vs Human Capital

by Groww Staff • November 8, 2018

How much of my portfolio should be in stocks and how much in fixed income? That’s a million dollar question that bothers most new investors. A popular rule of thumb many financial advisors talk about is the ‘100 minus your age’ rule. It says that one should subtract his/her age from 100 and the remainder […]