10 hacks to reduce tax liabiliy

5 Best Term Insurance Policies to Consider in 2019

by Ankit Jain • June 15, 2019

Term Insurance is the type of life insurance in which If death occurs during the policy tenure, then his or her nominee will receive the sum assured. If the insured survives till the end of the policy period, then he or she will not get any maturity amount. These policies have low premium and cover large risk. […]

car insurance

Can a Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Policy Benefit You?

by Disha Jhawar • March 1, 2019

Buying a car is a big thing. You put in a lot of time and research while buying a new car. Before buying a car, you check in each and every piece of information that you get, check the prices with various car dealers and then take the final decision. Buying a policy is also […]

how important is travel insurance?

How Important Is Travel Insurance?

by Disha Jhawar • February 20, 2019

In today’s world, everyone likes to travel, everyone wants to explore new places and enjoy in the moment. What if in the midst of your holiday abroad, you fall ill or get stuck at an airport or lose your luggage? It will be even worse than not going for the holiday, right? This is when […]


Can You Save Money by Investing in a Health Insurance Plan?

by Vishnu Nair • February 16, 2019

We all know health is wealth. Not paying attention to health keeps one at risk of falling ill. You can’t reap the wonderful rewards of your hard work if you’re lying in bed, sick all day. Moreover: hospital bills are expensive. Depending on the illness, medication and treatment are expensive. Most people can only afford […]

8 Things to Keep in Mind Before Finalizing a Health Plan

by Subham Sharma • February 13, 2019

Health insurance is something most people undermine until and unless stricken with an exigency situation. The importance of health insurance is driven by the fact that there is a rising number of diseases in India and at the same time the costs of treatment in hospitals is higher. Also, the rising co-payment, yearly deductibles and […]

everything about insurance premiums

Everything You Should be Knowing About Insurance Premiums

by Niraj • January 30, 2019

The insurance sector has remained one of the most complex sectors in India regarding understanding. Understanding the basics of the industry has stayed at wit’s end for the generic lot, let aside the in-depth knowledge. However, the complexity levels don’t prevent anyone to opt from insurance and every second person owns insurance in some manner. […]

Claim Settlement Ratio

What Is a Claim Settlement Ratio? And How Is it Important?

by Ankit Jain • January 22, 2019

In our previous posts, we have spoken in detail about the various  types of insurance and why they are necessary, in today’s slot Claim Settlement Ratio is a very essential element of an insurance company. This ratio tells us about the number of claims settled, out of the total number of claims received by the […]

The Life and Health Insurance Checklist – 2019

by Subham Sharma • January 18, 2019

As we grow up with each passing year, there comes additional responsibilities. Every New Year is also welcomed with various goals and promises we have for ourselves. It is also coupled with several challenges and surprises in our way. To ride through any challenge or mishappening, it is insurance cover (both life and health) that […]

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5 Best Health Insurance Policies to Consider in 2019

by Disha Jhawar • January 10, 2019

Health insurance covers the whole or part of the medical or surgical expense of the insured. In recent years the changes in our normal human lives have made us more prone to illness and on the other hand, medical expenses are increasing. Therefore, the need and requirement of medical insurance is also increasing. As health […]

Liability Insurance: Everything you need to know

Liability Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

by Niraj • January 7, 2019

In today’s’ world where innovation has taken center stage in nearly every walk of life, financial services are one sector that is not left behind. These days you get an insurance policy for everything right from your life to the house to health to auto and even loans. While having options in life is always […]

5 Best Car Insurance Policies

5 Best Car Insurance Policies in India

by Pijush Biswas • November 29, 2018

In 21st Century India, owning a car has moved beyond being a status symbol to an everyday necessity. Being owner of a car proves your financial independence, puts you in a refined league of your peers and wins you some much-needed brownie points with the family. But the joys of owning a car or any […]

Why is life insurance important

10 Reasons Why Life Insurance Is a Smart Investment?

by Niraj • November 28, 2018

While planning for personal finance, insurance plays a critical role as it helps cover the risk. An insurance policy is a risk protection plan and seeks to secure your loved ones in your absence. Of all the insurance policies that are offered by a multitude of companies these days, life insurance continues to hold a […]

Top 10 Child Insurance Policies

10 Best Child Insurance Policies – 2019

by Pijush Biswas • November 26, 2018

For every parent, their child is the top most priority. The upbringing of a child requires excellent financial planning and the sooner one begins it, the better. This is where a child insurance plan comes into picture. It is the best financial plan, investment plan and the most suitable policy for your child as it ensures […]

4 types of insurance every 30 year old needs

The 4 Types of Insurance Every 30 Year Old Must Have

by Niraj • November 23, 2018

People think that insurance is a waste of money as they believe if the premium were invested in some another avenue it would grow to a sizeable amount. But remember life can take unexpected turns and death of the sole breadwinner of the family can impact the lifestyle and stability of the family. Similarly, a […]

Is the millenial more inclined towards taking an insurance?

Is Insurance a Necessity for the Millennial?

by Niraj • November 21, 2018

A millennial is a generation that is also known as Generation Y or Gen Y, and these are the demographic cohort following Generation X and preceding Generation Z. Typically, they are born between 1981 and 1996.   Now moving on to the principal theme of the article. Is Insurance Important for the So-Called Cool-Gen – […]