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What is Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

by Groww • September 5, 2021

Been hearing it around a lot more than usual; Bitcoin, haven’t you? Bitcoin is the new currency, it was created in 2009 and helps make transactions – and basically without the help of banks. The value for Bitcoin has skyrocketed too in the last few years. But, Why Bitcoin? The point of Bitcoin is that […]

Should I Invest in Bitcoin

Should I Invest in Bitcoin?

by Groww • August 11, 2021

Bitcoin – The Very First Cryptocurrency  What is Bitcoin? A word we could have never avoided in the past few years – ‘BITCOIN’ What is it, though? The famous buzzword, and what does it really mean. So here is what it really means. It is a decentralized digital currency you can buy, sell and exchange […]

Top 10 Myths About Cryptocurrencies Debunked 

by Groww • June 28, 2019

The news around soaring Bitcoin prices has been doing the rounds lately and this has made people wonder what a Bitcoin actually is. For the uninitiated, let’s start from the basics.  Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency, one amongst a pool of many others available today (Ethereum, Ripple, etc), is a virtual currency or a medium of […]

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Bitcoin Legal in India? Rumours Suggest Bitcoin May Become Financial Commodity

by Subham Sharma • July 13, 2018

In the last few months, we have heard that bitcoin has been banned by one country or another. Reason? Cryptocurrencies are not a legitimate source of finance. In 2013, bitcoin was banned in Thailand. In 2017, it became sensational news when China put a blanket on ICOs. Twist in the Tale A twist came this […]


Factors Affecting the Value of a Cryptocurrency

by Groww • March 18, 2018

Cryptocurrencies were non existent about a decade ago, and they have certainly come a long way since then. In this article we try to understand how cryptocurrencies are valued, so as to give the investors a better understanding of what they are getting into. Before we Begin Fundamental analysis forms the backbone of any type […]

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NEO: Is This Crypto the Future of the Smart Economy?

by Ankit Jain • March 17, 2018

NEO is a project based on blockchain and it utilizes the technology of blockchain and digital identity to digitize assets. It uses smart contracts to automate the management of digital assets and with a distributed network a “smart economy” is realized. NEO Smart Economy: What is it Exactly? To understand NEO, it’s important to understand ‘smart […]

Ardor: All You Should Know About this Coin

by Ankit Jain • March 9, 2018

Ardor is the latest blockchain as a service (BaaS) providers. Ardor does not require investing in developing custom blockchain solutions instead provides the blockchain infrastructure for businesses and institutions to leverage the strengths of blockchain technology. A main chain is offered by Ardor that handles decentralization plus customizable child chains and blockchain security that comes […]

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Why Ethereum Performed Better Than Bitcoin During the Downturn

by Ankit Jain • March 8, 2018

If 2017 was the year for cryptocurrency supporters, 2018 has been a prompt return to reality. The value of Bitcoin, which was raised over 1,000 % previous year, has reduced by approx 30 % so far this year, and many other coins have also come down. The digital currency market has begun a moderate recovery, […]

Why the Bitcoin Prices Are Different on Different Exchanges

by Ankit Jain • March 7, 2018

The cryptocurrencies are traded on different exchange and their prices vary depending on the exchange they are traded on. As of 6th March 2018, Bitcoins was trading at $10958 on Bitfinex, $11274.83 on HitBTC and $10938.94 on GDAX. Different trading platforms are not synchronized with each other. Meaning their prices are independent of the other. It varies […]

Bitcoin Alternative: 10 Crypto Coins You Must Know About

by Mridul Agrawal • March 4, 2018

Altcoins or alternative coins is a term for cryptocurrencies that are an alternative to bitcoin. The release of Bitcoin in 2009 made many individuals realized its crucial advantages over government money. They also recognized the fact that more improvements can be brought to it so as to enhance its effectiveness. This lead to the creation of hundreds […]

Top 10 Crypto That Gave Highest Returns in the past One Year

by Ankit Jain • March 3, 2018

In the beginning of 2017, the prices of bitcoin was $1000, litecoin was $4.3 and ripple was $0.006311. The return of bitcoin was only 1,400% approximately as compared to ripple which gave a return of 36,000% and litecoin which gave 5,200%. In 2017 closing week, ripple had a market cap after surging past $100 billion […]

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How to Mine Bitcoin in 2018

by Groww • March 2, 2018

Bitcoins are cryptocurrencies, but why are they mined? It is one of the common analogy worlds uses for Bitcoin, as it is similar to Gold. Similar to Gold, there is a limited number of bitcoins to be produced and more you produce, it will become more difficult and resource intensive to produce next bitcoin. Bitcoin Mining […]

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What is IOTA Coin? All You Need to Know Briefly Explained

by Ankit Jain • February 28, 2018

IOTA stands for Internet of Things Application. IOTA is a cryptocurrency with no blocks, chains or fees but it uses Tangle, a new technology. To power the Internet of Things this network is designed to handle large amount of micropayments. IOTA has four unique advantages when compared toanother blockchain cryptocurrency. No Fee Scalable Decentralized Modular […]

Cryptocurrency Terminologies

Hodl, Fork, & Others: 44 Cryptocurrency Terms You Must Know

by Mridul Agrawal • February 28, 2018

Just as any other asset, the cryptocurrency world itself is full of terminologies that the beginners might be unaware of. Crypto enthusiasts like to discuss in such terms in the discussion forums and coming across them might lead to confusion. We are here to reduce the chances of confusion and to get acquainted with terms […]

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Pump and Dump in Cryptocurrency: Manipulating the Prices

by Ankit Jain • February 28, 2018

The pump and dump is an age-old scheme where the value of a worthless asset rises quickly and then it is sold off to make a profit from the price increase. Pump and dump is illegal under the securities law; but is also tremendously famous in the world of, cryptocurrency Blockchain technology and digital assets. […]

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TRON Coin: 10 Things You Need to Know

by Groww • February 26, 2018

Tron coin created to serve the media world grew much faster than coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin over the last few months. Naturally, interest in this coin has increased too. Here are some essential facts about this cryptocurrency that you must know. Tron Cryptocurrency – 10 Things You Need to Know 1) What is Tron? […]

Litecoin Fork: All You Need to Know

by Groww • February 25, 2018

Introduced in 2011, Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world. It is based on Bitcoin’s open source platform; hence it can be modified by anyone to include new features. The Litecoin founder Charlie Lee introduced Litecoin with a view of increasing efficiency of the hashing and thereby reducing […]

Bitcoin Transaction Fees lowered

by Ankit Jain • February 24, 2018

The average cost of executing a bitcoin transaction is less than it’s been in a year and a half, showing the price is not the virtual currency’s only unanticipated measure these days. But with all the discussion about rising fees, this might come as a surprise. After all, it was not so long ago that […]

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5 Reasons Why Ethereum is More Advanced than Bitcoin

by Ankit Jain • February 24, 2018

Bitcoin is just not the only one in the family of cryptocurrency; though it has long been dominant. But Ethereum, another cryptocurrency related project, has additional features and applications because of which it has attracted a lot of hype. Let’s see what makes Etherum different and how it is better. What Makes Ethereum more Advanced? […]

9 Reasons Why Litecoin May be the Future of Cryptocurrencies

by Ankit Jain • February 24, 2018

Litecoin (LTC) referred to as ‘silver to bitcoin gold’ is becoming one of the best cryptocurrency to look forward in 2018. It was released on October 7, 2011 by Charlie Lee, former Google employee, aims to process a block every 2.5 minutes while Bitcoin requires 10 minutes. Litecoin is supported by Coinbase (one of the […]