After yesterday’s crash of nearly 10%, Bitcoin continued to fall further to a 6 week low of ~$11,000 per BTC. So BTC in INR is ~ Rs 7,02,000. Which means, in the last 24 hours, it has fallen a further 20%!

Bitcoin Crash

After yesterday, BTC crashed further to settle around the $11,000 mark. This is a 6 week low for Bitcoin.

As usual, with the falling of Bitcoin, other coins fell sharply too.

Why is Bitcoin Falling?

As usual, there is no way of saying with certainty why the prices are falling. However, many market watchers believe this downward motion is largely due to mass selling resulting from investors selling their BTC after the announcement of a crackdown by South Korea.

1. Bitcoin BTC Facts

The BTC price in INR is Rs 7,07,536

Market Cap $186,121,977,884
Price $11,074

2. Ethereum ETH Facts

The ETH price in INR is Rs. 64,083

Market Cap $97,310,604354
Price $1003

3. Ripple XRP Facts

The XRP price in INR is Rs. 68.11

Market Cap $41,325,367,985
Price $1.066

4. LiteCoin LTC Facts

The LTC price in INR is Rs. 11,402

Market Cap $9,777,396,551
Price $178.46

 5. Stellar XLM Facts

The XLM price in INR is Rs. 25.40

Market Cap $7,114,247,316
Price $0.3976

 6. IOTA Facts:

The IOTA price in INR is Rs. 150.78

Market Cap $6,562,359,817
Price $2.360

Where to Invest?

Considering crypto a serious investment option is a very big risk. Invest in cryptocurrencies only if you are not afraid to lose the money invested.

As you can clearly see, crypto prices can go up and down very quickly.

Mutual funds are much better in terms of risk. Even the riskiest mutual funds are far less risky than crypto currencies.

Mutual Funds vs Crypto

Mutual funds are managed by highly skilled fund managers whose job is to invest your money.

If you want to take high risk, you should explore small-cap funds. They invest in smaller companies that show great potential for growth.

In the last year alone, some funds have returned in excess of 60% per annum. That is a very high return.

Here are 2 small cap funds worth your money.

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund

Risk Level HIGH
Minimum SIP Amount ₹500
1 Year Returns 60.06%
3 Year Returns 27.63%

HDFC Small Cap Fund

Risk Level HIGH
Minimum SIP Amount ₹500
1 Year Returns 51.68%
3 Year Returns 21.3%

If you want to see the best mutual funds to invest in, checkout: Groww 30 Best Mutual Funds to Invest in 2018. 

Happy investing!