Time for caution – Since February 29, 2016, the smallcap index rallied 43% against 41% surge in midcap and 25% rise in the benchmark index. (BS)


Warren Buffett’s latest interview with CNBC. (CNBC)

Few people are lucky to connect the dots on “interests” and “capabilities” – A sound advice that never fails. (@safalniveshak)


In my experience, the most common “mistaken moats” are great products, strong market share and great execution.Read ” The Little Book That Builds Wealth: The Knockout Formula for Finding Great Investments (Little Books. Big Profits)” (Amazon)


Phillp Fisher’s 15 great checklist to select a great stock. He is trying to provide the crux of his book Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits where he lays out 15 different fundamental checks to select a killer stock at a great price. (ride2rich)


If you have still not read the Berkshire Hathaway’s letter to shareholders. Warren Buffett gives a detialed letter about the net values Berkshire Hathaway , it’s managers etc. (berkshirehathaway)


Spotlight on Taurus NAV fall because of BILT exposure. After last week’s sharp fall in the NAVs of Taurus MF’s liquid and debt schemes, the media and other commenters were quick to link it to their high level of exposure to the downgraded commercial paper issued by Ballarpur Industries Ltd (BILT). (mfcritic)


On Chit Funds. A detailed insight on picking a chit fund or a mutual fund. (Groww)


Figuring out your too hard pile. Or circle of competence. The size of that circle is not very important; knowing its boundaries, however, is vital. (awealthofcommonsense)


“What happens when you are wrong is everything is investing. You must construct a portfolio to survive those times” (contrarianvalueedge)


Some companies are facing a developed world problem—cash far in excess of their needs. (Forbes)


The One Thing You Need To Be A Superior Investor.There’s only one thing in the investment world that isn’t two-edged, and that’s “alpha” – superior insight or skill. Skill can help in both up markets and down markets. (acquirersmultiple)


How can I learn investing in mutual funds? – Learning by doing is one of the best ways of learning. Investing in mutual funds is no different. Here I lay down a process that can help you accelerate your learning. (Groww)


Think this is a good time to (re)read this book ” Irrational Exuberance”. This is a serious and well-researched book that should read like a Stephen King novel to anyone who has staked his or her future on the market’s continued success. (Goodreads)


The four most expensive word in the English language is ‘This time it’s different’. – John Templeton (Groww)


“Paying close attention to the markets on a tick-by-tick basis can give people an illusion of control.”(awealthofcommonsense)


The Buffett cloning strategy made mincemeat of the S&P 500 Index by beating it by 10.75% annually over thirty years – and all of it by “working” for less than an hour a month. “Shamelessly Cloned Portfolio.” (Forbes)


Read this before investing in Reliance Simply Save, ET Money and FundsIndia’s Super Savings Account. (Basunivesh)


Investment is only a pure speculation. Good read, for the times now. (Forbes)


Want to save tax? Check out the various options to save tax under section 80C. (Groww)


The debt funds and liquid scheme of Taurus Mutual Fund fell 7-12 per cent in a day following the downgrading of the troubled Ballarpur Industries LtdBSE 1.12 % (Bilt) by India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra).Please share this if someone says that liquid funds are safe. (ET)


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Mohnish Pabrai discusses three mental models in the spirit of Charlie Munger’s latticework of mental models. (Youtube)


Most investors book profits after the first rise.(@iancassel)



Although it’s easy to forget sometimes, a share is not a lottery ticket. it’s part-ownership of a business – Buffett (Groww)


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