The Paradox of Choice – Instead of comparing up to the next-higher situation, compare down to the next-lower. Think like a bronze medalist , not silver. (sivers)


Mutual Fund Portfolio for young parents – Becoming a parent is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. This mutual fund portfolio helps young parents build wealth in long term. They can use the wealth built to pay for kids college education or keep it invested for their retirement. (Groww)


Chris Mayer on 100 Baggers.He started studying the 365 (not a typo) companies that made 100-Bagger returns from 1962 through 2014. (microcapclub)


Aswath Damodaran explains “Why Good (Bad) Companies can be Bad (Good) Investments” – Musings on Markets. (aswathdamodaran)


Index investing has become extremely popular in recent years.IN reality, there is nothing magical about index investing.Five Myths About Index Investing. (valuewalk)


Valuations in the non-large cap stocks are discounting a lot of hope. (latticework)



Evaluate fund manager returns over long time frames (at least 7 years or a period covering a bull and bear market). (eightytwentyinvestor)


Best Mutual Fund Disclosure Ever:” Don’t come crying to us if we lose all your money”! Wish all mutual fund houses were so clear in stating disclaimers! (WSJ)


Over the years, FLAME Investment Lab has been able to attract the most revered and noted investment minds of the country. Their candid sessions elaborating their investment experience has gone a long way in shaping the investment thought processes of the participants. (flame)


Mukesh Ambani has made the business world’s most aggressive bet. Jio’s 100m new customers cost a cool $25bn to acquire. (economist)


The government will launch the third tranche of CPSE Exchange Traded Fund. An upfront discount of 3.5 per cent would be offered to all category of investors, they added. (BS)


Everything you need to know about balanced funds. With offering low risks and high returns, balanced fund seems to be the flavor of the season. (Groww)


5 Ways to deal with overvalued markets

  • Park cash
  • SIP
  • Debt funds
  • Rebalance
  • Diversify


Mutual funds: How to take advantage of ‘March phenomenon’ – If the investment horizon stretches well into April, investors may consider ultra short term funds and investment should be made after March 15 advance tax outflows. (TFE)

Good Read: Notes from Howard Marks’ Lecture: 48 Most Important Things I Learned on Investing. (safalniveshak)

The rise of market efficiency in India!

Rise of market efficiency in India

Rise of market efficiency in India


Should I invest if markets are overvalued? Bulls and bears play see-saw in equity markets. It is easy to get carried away on both the sides – being over optimistic and investing as high prices or being over pessimistic and selling at low prices.(Groww)

One important lesson to remember is that human behavior in the marketplace remains constant. Investment decisions should be the product of rational trade-off. Letter to a daughter. (Forbes)

Perception is a reality when it comes to your portfolio. A watched portfolio never works. (longboardfunds)


“In investing you have to deny your emotions, like Odysseus sailing by the sirens in Greek mythology,” says Raife Giovin­azzo – Nothing Lasts Forever. (Fortune)


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