There are many more and we are hungry to read more books. Would love to hear reco of books that created an impression on you. (Twitter)


Other ones – Zero to One by Peter Theil, A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman. (Twitter)


The way Graham described Mr Market in The Intelligent Investor still echoes. His quotes are still used by investment gurus of today. (Twitter)


Thinking, Fast and Slow – the book cited by 1000s.Kahneman explains how we our brain thinks in two systems. (goodreads)


Antifragile masterpiece – How we can thrive in an uncertain world,should we even try to understand it. (goodreads)


Sapiens is one such book – How the entire world functions on collective imagination – religion, corporates, money. (goodreads)


In a bear mkt, most discussions are about investment ideas; in a bull mkt, investors seek confirmation of the ideas. (Mint)


Regret minimization framework used by Jeff Bezos. (MicroCapClub)