Economic Survey: “Launching India to a high-growth trajectory would take shifts in the underlying vision” (Bloomberg)


“the benchmark bond yield drops when budget deficit shrinks and hence the value of debt mutual funds appreciate.” (ET)


Be careful while buying debt funds. (Groww)


Why building portfolio is better than buying a single stock or MF. (Groww)


“You make most money when you have a contrarian thesis to the market and you are right“


“How tos” on scuttle-butt investing. (@varadhar1)


Information arbitrate is not useful unless you can interpret it. (awealthofcommonsense)


MFs buy equity when retail investors buy funds. (THBL)


“It has struck me that all men’s misfortunes spring from the single cause that they are unable to stay quietly in one room.” -Blaise Pascal


Deadly sins of investing:
– overconfidence
– emotions
– activity
– envy
– herd mentality
– not following process. (tortoisewisdom)


And the cycle continues..(Mint)