Individual Investor’s real edge. (Youtube)


Ray Dalio, founder, Bridgewater Associates, explains why the 1930s hold clues to what lies ahead for the economy. (theworldin)


Most of the times, things are not as bad as they appear in news. Neither they are as good as they appear.


Do funds start underperforming after asset size of 10k Crore? (Groww)


Mint 50 Mutual Funds. (Mint)


Do you need to have a buy and sell price for everything in your portfolio? (Brontecapital)


This is the time when advisors would be boasting about their performance “My *** stock is up X times” Run away! (nooreshtech)


Why do so called value funds have so high turnover (portfolio churning?) (Valueresearch)


DSP Blackrock Micro cap stops fresh investment. (Groww)


Liquid funds returns have bested long term debt funds. (TFE)


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