Fund Review: Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund. (Groww)


Lot of gems in interaction with Vallabh Bhansali – “You can control your processes, never the outcomes.” (MorningStar)


Offbeat read: Why no two people are alike. (FS)


“I am not in the business of predicting general stock market or business fluctuations.” – Buffet in 1966 Letter


Time to be cautious when you hear “This Time It’s Different” from a leading brokerage. (Forbes)


Portfolio Investing. (Groww)


Mumbai property sales drop to 6-year low. (FE)


The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything. – Buffet


Subpar performance since the fund crossed Rs 5000 Crore AUM. (Groww)


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