Your mother is awesome and there are no two-ways about that. Among all the things that a mother teaches and bestows upon her children, financial lessons sometimes do not get the deserved limelight!

Everyone acknowledges the ethical and moral values that a mother teaches her children.

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However, that is not all that a mother offers.

If you keenly observe your mum, you can realize that she has designed a hack for herself every step of the way. Be it grinding vegetables, or waking her children up, or even saving money!

Thinking back and connecting the dots, we can realize that there is a lot more that we have learnt from our mother. And this mother’s day, we take a step back to analyze all the badass way our mothers save the household tonnes of money!

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Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Our Mother

#1. Creating a Budget. Now!


The first finance lesson that each of has has learnt from our mother is creating a budget. We all agree that mothers are called the Finance Ministers of the house and now we can understand why.

A budget is a basic financial statement which records the expected income and expenditures for a predefined period. For our purpose, the budget is usually prepared monthly to estimate the monthly expenses for running the household.

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It is amazing, how accurately and efficiently our mothers create a budget for monthly expenses. Mum also decides beforehand how much money is going to be spent and where.

This is truly an art and a world-class one at that! Now, whenever we make a good budget, we know whom to give credits.

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#2. Save Away (No matter how small the amount)


Let us recall the time when our mom gave us a piggy bank.

Back then, it used to be a fun activity for us. But you know what that fun piggy bank activity taught us?


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Remember how Ma would give us a 5 rupee coin every time we helped her out in a chore or finished our homework on time? And then she would say “Put it in your piggy bank, once it fills up, you can buy that remote control car”

Now, how can you apply that in reality?

Today you know you need save in substantial investment instruments like mutual funds or stocks to fulfill your short-term and long-term financial goals But that financial journey kick-started with your Mum.

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Then came the valuable lesson behind the entire exercise. She told us so accurately that savings is an important exercise and encouraged us to do the same.

Not only did she tell us this, she also led by example.

The money could have been saved in a box, in a drawer, or somewhere else but she would put some money away every month. No matter how much small the amount was.

I distinctly remember that my mother told me that from whatever you earn, big or small,  you must first set aside some amount, as deemed fit, in the form of savings. Then, out of the remaining, you can look to plan your expenses.

#3. Setting Financial Goals

This one is an extension of the earlier financial lesson of creating a budget and developing the habit of savings.

Setting a financial goal goes a long way in accumulating money required for various essential milestones and activities in life.

Our mother has always encouraged us to make and implement a financial plan for our goals. Be it a trip that we want to go to next year, or a bike that we want to purchase after some time, planning always helps.

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Be it children’s marriage, education or something else; setting financial goals or buying a slightly more expensive Dosa batter, mothers always have a goal which they always seem to fulfill and within the stipulated time!

#4. Taking Monetary Decisions Calmly

This advice is like the universal truth said by all moms, each and every time. Though it might seem to be very trivial at the moment, its importance cannot be undermined.

In a lot of situations, wherein significant and important money decisions are involved, it helps to sit back, take a deep breath and think clearly. This simple exercise can save us our hard earned money from being wasted or spent in an inefficient manner.

The implicit thing over here is to think calmly, whether it is good use of money.

Your mum lays the foundation for 3 simple and basic rules in life:

  • Do I need this?
  • How much of it do I need
  • Is it worth the money?

Sometimes it’s best to take important money decisions the old way. Writing the outlay of money and comparing it with the benefits, on a piece of paper can work better than you might think.

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#5. Keeping It Simple

We can’t even begin to tell you how important this tip is!

This one is an automatic extension and advantage of taking decisions calmly. Isn’t it amazing how our mom can keep financial matters so simple?

Simply writing down the daily expenses in her diary, saving up for something or just being wise with money, your mother will follow these tricks without help from an advisor!

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Although it may seem contrary and/or trivial, more often than not, it helps to keep finances simple. Don’t complicate your savings and investments.

The simpler it is, the easier our lives will be and better the concerned decision will turn out to be.

#6. Being Frugal Isn’t Always Bad


Haven’t our parents told us that we need to realize the value of money?

This is usually followed by how our parents worked so hard to earn the money and save it for us. An important lesson here is to appreciate the value of money.

All of us can observe this at our homes, how our mom never buys something she doesn’t need. She doesn’t indulge in any sort of wasteful expenditure whatsoever.

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She calculates and plans as to where can she get the cheapest and best quality grocery or home appliances.

We can all learn to be frugal like her and thank her when we realize that the savings are significant. Our mom realizes that each penny counts.

The Bonus List

Apart from the first 6, these are two bonus financial tips that you can learn from your mother!

#1. Living Within One’s Means


Our elders have always re-enforced on the fact that we should live within our means. But what does this really mean?

It is not some rocket science, but a very simple theory. To live within one’s means is to spend only as much or preferably a little less than what one earns.

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Sometimes we go on a spending spree and go overboard. We forget about our income and our position to buy a product or not.

Credit cards and EMIs have aided this overspending habit in a huge way. Millennials tend to take a lot of debt and sometimes struggle to repay it all together.

While EMIs may give you instant pleasure, it also brings with it a lot of risk. Therefore, each and every person should live within one’s means and spend in a planned manner.

#2. The Value of Investing

The lesson for planning the future also includes investing.

Investing now to reap benefits later is one of the most important financial lessons that we learn. My mother always encouraged me to invest in the future.

In my childhood, this investment was in the form of education. Not only did she preach this, but also practiced it by investing her time and money in my education.

When I started earning, she encouraged me to invest for my old age. Yes, she is very far-sighted.

Not only did she make me understand the importance of investing, but also how it was important to do so at an early age.

She introduced me to the beginners guide to mutual funds and much more. Investing has been my foremost priority ever since.

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Money doesn’t grow on trees. Each penny counts.

These are one of the most fundamental yet powerful financial lessons that each person learns from their parents in general and mother in particular. Often, we do not realize how our mothers teach us important financial lessons that we use for life.

They lead by example when creating a budget and managing the household financials effortlessly. There are innumerable financial lessons to be learned from our mothers.

Your mother is a financial superwoman, isn’t she?

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Happy investing!!

Disclaimer: the views expressed here are of the author and do not reflect those of Groww.