Investment Options:

Debt (Giving Loan)

  • Saving Account: Very Low Returns
  • FD/RD: Fixed Maturity
  • Bonds: Not very liquid
  • Debt Mutual Funds: Lower Returns than Equities

Equity (Buying Shares)

  • Stocks: Very Risky
  • Equity Mutual Funds: Risky is short-term

Alternatives (Others)

  • Gold: Low Returns
  • Real Estate: No liquidity

Things that are certain here are:

  1. Returns: 75k per month (1 Lac pre tax)
  2. Investment Amount: 2 Crs

Let me put this into perspective.

75k per month on 2 Crs is effectively 5–6% per annum. Which is very easy. when FD and all gives around 7%. You can look at only two option Bonds or Debt Funds.

Debt Mutual Funds basically do the same job for you. Just put the whole money in 2–3 debt funds and setup a dividend or SWP options.

Some of the high return debt mutual funds are following:

  1. Better than FD returns with Debt Mutual Funds – Groww

Hope this helps!

Happy Investing