There are many investment options available in India but the most popular ones for short term is listed below

Debt (Giving Loan)

  • Saving Account: Very Low Returns
  • FD/RD: Fixed Maturity
  • Bonds: Not very liquid
  • Debt Mutual Funds: Lower Returns than Equities

Equity (Buying Shares)

  • Stocks: Very Risky
  • Equity Mutual Funds: Risky is short-term

Alternatives (Others)

  • Gold: Low Returns
  • Real Estate: No liquidity

Things that are certain here are

  1. 10k to be invested
  2. Need liquidity in 6 months

As you need liquidity in 6 months, Equity will be a risky option for you. So, I would recommend Debt schemes. Go for either RD or Debt Mutual Funds.

Debt Mutual Funds generally provide returns more than FD and are very liquid.