There are many investment options available in India but the most popular ones for short term is listed below

Debt (Giving Loan)

  • Saving Account: Very Low Returns
  • FD/RD: Fixed Maturity
  • Bonds: Not very liquid
  • Debt Mutual Funds: Lower Returns than Equities

Equity (Buying Shares)

  • Stocks: Very Risky
  • Equity Mutual Funds: Risky is short-term

Alternatives (Others)

  • Gold: Low Returns
  • Real Estate: No liquidity

Things that are certain here are

  1. 10k to be invested
  2. Need liquidity in 6 months

As you need liquidity in 6 months, Equity will be a risky option for you. So, I would recommend Debt schemes. Go for either RD or Debt Mutual Funds.

Debt Mutual Funds generally provide returns more than FD and are very liquid.

Check this mutual fund investment portfolio: Better than FD – Groww